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Save 15% on your auto insurance with FREE VIN ETCHING!

This is an effective auto theft deterrent in which a car’s Vehicle Identification Number is chemically etched into each piece of glass on the vehicle. This does not affect the appearance or strength of the glass.

3217 VIN2

A thief is less likely to steal a VIN etched car because it is too costly and time consuming to remove and replace the glass, which can easily be traced back to the vehicle’s owner. VIN etching also aids in the recovery of a vehicle if it is stolen. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of VIN etching at reducing the likelihood of auto theft.

Most insurance companies offer a discount for anti-theft devices. This discount is on your comprehensive portion of your insurance policy and is usually 15%.

Check with your auto insurance agent to see if they give a discount for V.I.N. etched cars.


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