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For all new glass installations, we are offering FREE Courtesy Loaner Car Service to Affordable Auto Glass Customers.

These are two reasons why we provide this service:

A. Safety: Most late-model vehichles feature glass that affixes with state-of-the-art urethane adhesive. This is a liquid that can take several hours ~ or sometimes days ~ to cure and dry properly.

Most glass shops simply pop in your new window and let you drive away immediately after installation. Driving your car this way exposes you to unnecessary risk. if a collision occurs, there is basically nothing holding your windshield in place. This can be especially dangerous when driver and passengers don’t wear seatbelts.

Allowing your glass to dry in our lot is a common sense solution.

B. Customer Convenience: We like to treat our customers well, and we understand that you require transportation throughout the day while your car is in the shop ~ getting to work, going to lunch, running errands and carpooling kids.

With a free courtesy loaner car, you can now complete your normal daily activities without any hassles. I’m sure you’ll agree that this goes far beyond the benefits of traditional mobile service ~ which, in fact makes you immobile!

Remember: Until the urethane cures, your car should sit tight wherever glass installation is done.

Once again, thanks for using Affordable Auto Glass. If you should have any questions, comments or customer service problems, please call me at 733-8354.

Thanks Again,
Joe Esile, owner



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