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2. When you called for service, was your phone call answered promptly and courteously?

3. Were you satisfied with the scheduling of your service request?

4. Was the work performed to your satisfaction?

5. Was the technician polite, neat and clean in appearance?

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9. How would you rate your overall service experience with us?

10.Did the Customer Service Representative ask if you wanted new wiper blades?

11.Did the Customer Service Representative ask you if you need an inspection sticker?

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Additional Comments
The technicians were very nice and did a great job. I was, however, told that my car would be recalibrated (toyota safety sense). When I picked up my vehicle, the car was not recalibrated and I wasn't told about this - I only realized this when I got into my car and notifications began to go off (e.g. safety sense wasn't working and to contacts my dealer). When I originally called to set up the appointment to get my windshield replaced I was told by the CSR that "everything would be taken care of" - including the recalibration (This was a question I specifically asked because I didn't want to have to set up 2 appointments). When I went back in to ask what was going on I was told that the person that does the recalibration wasn't there and so it wasn't done. I then had to set up a separate appointment with Toyota to get it recalibrated - pay for it out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed by my insurance. No apology was given. It was incredibly frustrating and had I known that your company could not provide recalibration services prior to this I would have gone elsewhere. Again, the work was good, however, the communication was terrible.

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