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1. How did you hear about us?
Insurance Agent,Previous Service

2. When you called for service, was your phone call answered promptly and courteously?

3. Were you satisfied with the scheduling of your service request?

4. Was the work performed to your satisfaction?

5. Was the technician polite, neat and clean in appearance?

6. Did the technician clean up your automobile after the service was performed?

7. Would you recommend us to others?

8. Was the staff friendly and knowledgable?

9. How would you rate your overall service experience with us?

10.Did the Customer Service Representative ask if you wanted new wiper blades?

11.Did the Customer Service Representative ask you if you need an inspection sticker?

12.Did the Customer Service Representative give you the option to fill out this comment card on our website?

13. Did the CSR ask for your e-mail adress?

Additional Comments
Was told by your customer service representative that the clips that hold my mirror were broken when they received the car I don’t understand how that could be I bought the car brand new and this was the first time I’ve had to have a windshield replaced he stated it was already like that when they went to take the windshield out And if I wanted a new mirror holder it would cost me $35 to get it replaced I didn’t get it replaced I felt that you should replace it due to you working on the mirror holder and the windshield He also told me when I go to move the mirror do it very carefully

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